Instructions for unit leadsĀ  - MAJAX project, Phase 1

  • Register the project as an audit/service evaluation in your own unit (will give you a recognized, first author, closed-loop audit)
  • Compile a list of all consultants and middle grades who carry the on-call bleep on the attached List Of Participants.
  • Face-to-face questionnaires with registrars and consultants using attached questionnaire sheet from 02/04/18 to 15/04/18.
  • Answers from all participants can be collected on one sheet in a cumulative manner.
  • Tick against participants name on list as they complete the questionnaire.
  • Note how many clicks of the computer mouse it takes to navigate to Major Incident Protocol

Email the following by 30/04/18:

  • Questionnaire results
  • How many mouse clicks to major incident protocol
  • List of participants
    • Can delete names once you have completed phase 1, but please leave their rows intact so we can calculate the response rate both across the region, and within each unit.

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